The pioneering versatile open source TV box

GeekBox – A leading product of Cross- Boxes, a Game Changer

Unlike Traditional TV box which turns the television into an intelligent platform like smart phones or tablet PCs, GeekBox will break this balance by not only fulfilling the aforementioned fundamental missions, but also opening an open-source project. GeekBox not simply a piece of hardware, but a DIY carrier, which carries all kinds of ideas and dreams from geeks. Opening a new era of box – an era of cross-box & open-source box with unfathomable capabilities.


Compact Portable

Light as feather, Geekbox is portable enough for you to jam in the pocket and carry on the go. Delicate as diamond, Geekbox is coated by a streamlined outline and exquisite angular shell.


Android & Ubuntu Dual Boot(can install Light Biz OS)

Pre-installed Android & Ubuntu Dual OS, a hot key switch Android & Ubuntu.You can also install Android–based Light Biz OS


High Performance Octa Core CPU

The RK3368 is an Octa Core 64bit, ARM Cortex-A53 processor with PowerVR G6110 graphics chip, 28nm processing design, Support OPENGL ES 3.1. RK3368 with super video capabilities, 4K×2K, H.265 and HDMI 2.0@60Hz output support.



Visible interface: 2*USB, 1*Micro USB, 1*HDMI 2.0, 1*DC In, 1*RJ45 1000M LAN, 1*TF Card Slot
Invisible interface: 1*Fan connector, 1*RTC Battery connector, 1*Serial Port, 1*TP interface, 1*Display interface


There is unlimited potential with MXM3 interface

You can connect GeekBox to GeekBox Landingship via MXM3 interface to turn the former into a development board. And connect any compatible device to GeekBox MXM3 interface to turn the former into a smart one in the future. Such as a display(digital photo frames), router(upload and download files without internet), projector(smart projector), etc.


GeekBox LandingShip







GeekBox LandingShip



7.9″ Retina Display



Serial Converter



RTC Battery



Cooling Fan



5dB Antenna



DuPont Set


About us

Known as the most prestigious dealer of TV Box, GeekBuying has always been the jewel in this industry – a pioneer which endeavors to strike a balance between sales and development. Since the day of inception, we have been exploring further possibilities in attempt to develop a TV Box that satisfies both newbies and professionals in an integrated fashion. This is how the prototype of Geekbox originates. After 2 years of arduous effort, our designer has managed to turn it into reality by releasing the cross TV Box – Geekbox, a box infiltrated by fathomless ingenuity and incomparable commitment to our respected customers.

Technically Geekbox is an open source cross TV Box which caters to both newbies and professionals. For newbies, it functions as a mini PC with all the functions that the latter supposed to have. For professionals,  it boasts boundless possibilities for further development. Whoever you are, wherever you go, there is always something in this treasure box that deserves your attention.

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